I’m new to Atlanta and a lawyer (but I’m fun, I promise).  I’m interested in cooking, politics, fashion, travel and contemplating, but hopefully not over-analyzing, life.

On Cooking – Growing up, we ate at home most nights and my mom made dinner.  Focused on school, I was never interested in cooking or really anything domestic.  After college, I spent five years living in New York.  The unlimited delivery options and my tiny kitchen did not really help my non-existent cooking skills.  I could tell you what the hottest new East Village restaurant was, but I could not boil water.  However, I did log millions of hours watching the Food Network, Top Chef and other cooking shows.  In theory, I knew how to do a lot of things but I had never actually tried them.  Now that I have a house and family of my own (and a kitchen that is larger than a small box), I am eager to learn how to cook.  I’ll try some recipes and share them with you.  And hopefully take a few pretty pictures here and there. All pictures on my site are my own, unless otherwise indicated.

On Atlanta – Having recently moved here, I am on a mission to figure out what this city is all about, while hopefully not being stuck on the highway in traffic the whole time.

On Contemplating – I’m hoping to have fun, but do some good things for the world along the way.   Won’t you join me?

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