Easy Brownie Cookies

Easy Brownie Cookies

Are there some days (or all days) when you know you want something with chocolate in it, but can’t quite pinpoint what? Maybe a brownie. . . no! Um, a cookie. . . .hmmmm. No. Just a straight up piece of chocolate? Ehhhh no. . .its missing that cakey element that a brownie has. Well, if you are massively indecisive in life (and in desserts) like me, this brownie/cookie is for you.  Its not quite a brownie, not quite a cookie. I know I’m not the first, nor will I be the last to post such a recipe. But sometimes you just want a chocolate cookie and milk. Life doesn’t have to be that complicated, right?

Easy Brownie Cookies

Cue obligatory cookie stack picture. And, by the way, I am totally referencing Joy The Baker’s April Fool’s Day post here, which is awesomely hilarious if you haven’t read it.

Easy Brownie Cookies

When I saw this recipe for Walnut Brownie Cookies in Martha Stewart Living, it totally channeled my inner cookie/brownie/chocolate indecisiveness. I had to ditch the walnuts because my husband is allergic, but it didn’t seem to impact the cookie’s deliciousness. Also, because I’m more of a dark chocolate fan, I used 4 ounces of dark chocolate and 4 ounces of semi-sweet chocolate for the whole chocolatey, melty part. One tip that made the cleanup for this recipe much simpler ~ I melted the chocolate and butter together in the microwave instead of setting up a whole double boiler situation.

Easy Brownie Cookies

Another reason why these are the bomb dot com (yes I just said that) is that you can keep them in your freezer and pull them out one at a time when that indecisiveness, craving thing hits you. They are wonderfully chocolatey, but the light brown sugar and flour give it more of a cookie texture as opposed to just a straight up brownie. The result is a crisp cookie exterior with a soft, gooey interior. Yum ~ I highly suggest you gave these a try.

Easy Brownie Cookies

Cue obligatory dunking picture. There ya go. . .it doesn’t get any better than chocolate cookies and milk.

Easy Brownie Cookies

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