Leah’s Link Loves and Decatur Farmer’s Market Pictures

This week, I checked out the Decatur Farmer’s Market, which is open on Wednesdays and Sundays.   What I found was a great selection of locally produced goods ~ and a lot of delicious looking baked goods in particular.  I have such an appreciation for aesthetically perfect baked goods now that I’ve been doing a lot of baking myself ~ its not easy to make it look and taste great!  There were just a handful of produce vendors there ~ maybe I will need to check back later in the season or on a Saturday.  But if you need a fresh loaf of bread, a homemade dessert and want to check out the cute town of Decatur, definitely hit up this farmer’s market.  I did score some local mushrooms, which I plan to make something with in the next few days.  I’m hoping to make it back on a Saturday sometime when I’m sure there will be even more to see!

Decatur Farmers Market

If this doesn’t make you want to try Cakes and Ale, I’m not sure what would.

Decatur Farmers Market

The Little Tart Bakeshop ~ also some gorgeous pastries here.

Decatur Farmers Market

The biggest meringue I have ever seen!

Decatur Farmers Market

I’m all about the local honey ~ and who knew there are so many varieties?

Decatur Farmers Market

More mouthwatering baked goods from La Calavera Bakery

Decatur Farmers Market

I hope you all have had a great week ~ happy happy weekend!!  Here are some links I’ve been loving:

If you aren’t on Gwyneth Paltrow breakup overload, this will give you a good laugh.

A gorgeous lightened up version of Peninsula Grill’s famous coconut cake, in Charleston, SC.

10 foods that will help you glow.

This one bowl simple vegan chocolate cake is exquisite.

Working on your Passover menus already? Check here and here for some ideas.

And if you’ll be celebrating Easter, this is a mega epic round-up of Easter (and also cute spring) desserts.

Baked chocolate doughnuts ~ yes and yes!!

To balance out those donuts, this kale salad with glazed pumpkin seeds and hot cider vinaigrette looks awesome.

Want to try this chicken lo mein ~ take out/fake out!

Why the bar can be the best seat in the house.

Blueberry lemon mini crepe cake from one of my new favorite blogs to visit.

Gym motivation perhaps?

Take me back to summer camp with these s’mores scones. . . .but without the bugs and with air-conditioning 😉

More spring pea deliciousness ~ spring pea farro salad!

Hope to see you back here next week!!

5 thoughts on “Leah’s Link Loves and Decatur Farmer’s Market Pictures

  1. If I ever make it to this Decatur Farmer’s Market, all of those baked goods will be the end of weight watchers. Oy vey. Shabbat Shalom.

    • Hi!! Not this time, but I have asked before and they said that the different types vary based on the flowers that the bees go to, and the flavors of the various honey types are different. For example, they suggested that I try the Thistle since I wanted to have it with tea ~ they said it was a little bit sweeter than some of the others. We have really enjoyed it in our tea!! They could certainly give you more details I’m sure!

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