Leah’s Link Loves and New York City Highlights

Don’t you always wish that you took more pictures?   Especially at a restaurant, I feel kind of shy about busting out my camera. . .err iPhone.  But I am definitely working on getting more comfortable with that.  Here are some highlights that I did capture from our trip to New York last week.

ABC Kitchen has become one of my fast New York City favorites.  We went there for lunch one day ~ which I would suggest if you have a hard time getting in for dinner.  The restaurant is gorgeous and it has an airy, bright feel that will whisk you away from the darkest, dreariest New York winter day.  They also use mismatched dinnerware and cutlery which gives it kind of an Alice in Wonderland, fantasy vibe.  And of course the food is farm fresh and delicious.

ABC Kitchen

kale salad with lemon, seranno chilis and mint

ABC Kitchen

roasted brussels sprouts with mustard vinaigrette ~ look at that lovely char!!

ABC Kitchen

grilled chicken, spinach and portobello salad, bbq sauce and blue cheese dressing

ABC Kitchen

kasha and bowtie pasta, veal meatballs

ABC Kitchen

gorgeous table of seasonal produce next to the kitchen

We also went to Bond St.  If you are a fan of sushi, you will love this place.  In addition to the stunning food presentation,  it has that clubby, buzzy vibe that is hard to get in any city other than New York.  We tried a lot of little plates ~ here are two examples.  I didn’t get a picture of the red snapper tacos, which I think were my favorite.

Bond Street

i don’t have a description of this dish ~ but isn’t it pretty?

Bond Street

big eye tuna tarts with creamy ponzu, white truffle oil and micro shiso 

I always love visiting the Union Square Farmers market and to my surprise, there were vendors there, even in the freezing cold.  There was not too much produce wise, but this cracked me up.

Farmers Market

We also loved Milos, which is a Mediterranean restaurant similar to Kyma here in Atlanta, and Babbo, which is a Mario Batali restaurant and an NYC classic.  It is pretty unbelievable that you still have to call 30 days in advance to get a reservation at Babbo given all of the new places that pop up continuously in New York.

On another note ~ have you jumped on the boutique spinning craze?  We are lovers of Flywheel here in Atlanta, but we did try SoulCycle in New York just to see what it was all about.  Maybe we are biased because Flywheel is what we are used to, but we didn’t feel that we got as good of a workout.   At Flywheel, you have a total number that is being calculated based on your resistance and speed ~ so you have a goal that you are working towards.  You can also compare how you do in each class against yourself and your fellow spinners based on this number.  At SoulCycle, it is more like a traditional spin class in that you turn a knob to the right to increase the resistance.  We missed having that total “number” to know whether you are really challenging yourself.  SoulCycle also has you do some interesting upper body exercises, like doing one arm push-ups, that frankly I felt very awkward and discombobulated trying to do while biking at the same time.  It was spring break in New York, so our class was kind of empty.  I’ve heard that SoulCycle can be really fun when the class is full because it feels like you in a club and you are all partying together ~ so maybe we will have to try it again sometime when it is busier.  But for now, I’m solidly on Team Flywheel 🙂

And now to some links that I’ve been loving this week:

For my friends with young children who are trying to get dinner on the table, this seems like an ideal read.

i. love. christian siriano.

Roasted cauliflower ~ on the must try list.

How we can all look a little more fresh for spring~ some great makeup tips.

Crispy chicken burgers with hot mustard brussels sprouts slaw ~ who needs Chick-fil-A?

Warm chocolate chip cookie stuffed pretzels. . .move over Auntie Anne’s.

A breath-taking birthday cake.

Healthy chicken chili with barley.

Start your morning off right (and gluten-free!) with some chocolate and coconut buckwheat waffles.

Greek yogurt swirl salted fudge brownies. . .swirly perfection.

Lemon, olive oil and parsley quinoa cakes. . . .healthy and delicious-looking.

I hope all have a great weekend!!


2 thoughts on “Leah’s Link Loves and New York City Highlights

  1. Might be my favorite links yet! LOVE christian sirano too!! and his apartment. and I have that dinner a love story cookbook, love it, and hadnoideacauseiliveinahole that there is a new one soon to come out! hip hip hooray! happy fridayyyy!

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