Leah’s Link Loves and Homemade Apple Pie


I hope you all have had a great week! I recently made an apple pie using this recipe and it turned out great ~ I highly recommend the recipe.  We all agreed that it beat out Mrs. Smith’s, which is actually pretty good 🙂  It is definitely more time intensive though ~ be prepared to slice some apples!

Here are some links that I’ve been loving this week:

Farm to table living ~ an interesting concept.

Great healthy snack ideas.

I made this honey salmon in foil recipe this week and it was delicious!

In honor of Purim, red bean & oatmeal hamantaschen ~ these pictures look amazing!

And these peanut butter filled brownie hamantaschen are another fun twist on the classic.

Homemade S’mores pop-tarts. . double yum.

Spinach mashed potatoes ~ get your veggies and your taters!

This boozy shamrock shake is the perfect St. Patty’s Day treat.

I really enjoyed reading about this fashion blogger’s travel must-haves.

Seared Indian Chicken over coconut rice. . .awesome new dinner idea.

Asian noodle salad. . .I’m ready for a picnic!!

Delicious gluten-free lemon blackberry breakfast cookies and a touching story about going gluten-free to boot.

Massive list of Atlanta restaurant openings to come this year.  So many new choices!

A fun quiz on what kind of entertainer you are.

Have a great weekend!!

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