Fashion Week Picks for the Oscar Red Carpet

Do you watch the Oscars red carpet?  You could theoretically start watching it at noon, since E! News pretty much has coverage all day. But I typically like to settle in around 6 pm to watch the more minor, D-listy celebrities arrive. My husband likes to call the Oscars “my Superbowl”.  Last year, the Georgia bar exam fell two days after the Oscars and I was studying for it.  I was so sad when I found out that meant that I had to study the night of the awards.  It is kind of funny how the actual awards become secondary to what everyone is wearing.  The awards go sooo late these days, I would almost be tempted to have a red carpet party.  Start around 5 pm with some appetizers and champagne and then wrap it up around 9 with dessert after the awards start!  In my book, the red carpet is the real show anyway.

With the Oscars rapidly approaching this Sunday, I would bet that some of our favorite stars have been scouting the New York, Paris, London and Milan runways for their favorite looks these last few weeks. If Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t wear Dior, I’ll be shocked. But perhaps Amy Adams or Cate Blanchett will sport one of these looks. Even though their gowns will likely be custom designed, perhaps they will take some inspiration from the runways. If I were attending the Oscars, here are some of the gowns I’d be considering.

Giorgio Armani Fall RTW 2014 ~ I love the gray with a tinge of sparkle and the lime green.  I think you have to be tan to rock the lime green for sure, so maybe a spray tan would be in order?

Armani Green 1Armani Grey 2

Carolina Herrera Fall RTW 2014 ~ Both of these red gowns are amazing.  The one on the left might be a little “casual” for the Oscars – but I love the intricate detail.

Carolina Herrera 2Carolina Herrera 1

Oscar de la Renta Fall RTW 2014 ~ I would love this blue gown without the tiers ~ perhaps just floor length all around? The color is spectacular though. The pale pink and gold combination is very chic, especially with the belt. It just feels like it has a star quality to it.

Oscar de la Renta BlueOscar de la Renta Pink

Jenny Packham Fall RTW 2014 ~ I am in love with this red dress. The ruffle at the top and the shiny satin. . .it might be my favorite. Plus red always looks good on us pale folk. The nude gown has that old Hollywood glamour thing going on that Jenny is known for.

Jenny Packham Red GownJennyPackham 2

Elie Saab Spring Couture 2014 ~ Black is always a good choice and I love how different this gown is with the sparkly white blossoms at the bottom.  The blue just feels like it deserves to be worn by a movie star.

Elie Saab Black and WhiteElieSaabPaleBlue

What would you wear if you were going to the Oscars?  Would you pick based on the designer or the gown?  I think the Jenny Packham gowns and Elie Saab gowns are my favorites.  I can’t wait to see what pops up on the red carpet this year!

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