Leah’s Link Loves


I think we are all ready for this to go away!

Happy Happy V-Day/Snow-Melting Day!  Here are some links I’ve been loving this week:

These little whipped vanilla cupcakes are so perfect!

i. love. jenny packham. that is all.

9 super romantic dinners in case you need a last minute idea or two.

For a healthy fish dish, this asian style fish & bok choy in foil looks awesome.

Still stuck inside and want to get a good workout in?  Try this!

This is my dream dessert to make tonight.

Remember Whitney Port from The Hills?

Want to try this thai chicken curry.

Turning chocolate cake into fudgy chocolate cake bars? Genius!

These gluten free and vegan granola bars are a super wholesome snack to keep around!

If you are experiencing a chocolate max-out, try these angel food cupcakes ~ so pretty!

After some v-day indulgence, a quinoa green goddess bowl with lemon tahini dressing may be in order.

Have a great weekend!  I know what we’ll be up to.  #HouseofCards

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