Leah’s Link Loves + #atlsnowmagedden2014

We’re thawing out here in Atlanta, thank goodness. Incredibly, most of the schools are still out today!! It has taken the city the entire rest of the week to bounce back. The stories that we’ve been hearing from people are unbelievable. Here are a few pictures from my neighborhood, but I know they don’t touch some of the other images that are out there.


in the beginning, it was pretty


our street jammed up pretty quickly as people tried to get home


and then it was just ice. . .this car somehow ended up in our neighbor’s yard. thankfully no one got hurt.

a few other pictures from lately:


me vs. the whisk, I lost


cardamom snickerdoodles from last week

Here are some links I’ve been loving this week:

Mini molten chocolate mocha cakes ~ perfect Valentine’s Day dessert.

A great piece on how this writer stopped procrastinating.

Slow cooker salsa chicken. . .love how easy this looks!

Should you rinse your fruit?

Slow cooker kale and turkey meatball soup sounds like it will warm you right up.

A great trick for making heart shaped cookies without a cookie cutter.

This curry hummus with currants and olive oil was a huge hit at a family dinner last Friday night.

5 chili recipes for your Super Bowl partayy.

Chicken, balsamic, blue cheese and caramelized onion flatbread might be another party pleaser.

What a great reset meal or a delicious side dish. . .

Tina Fey and Jerry Seinfeld . . . love.

Thai chicken burgers wrapped in lettuce. . . .yes please.

Soft funfetti cookies. . .so dainty and pretty.

Have a fabulous and warm weekend!

3 thoughts on “Leah’s Link Loves + #atlsnowmagedden2014

  1. Aw man..I’m definitely going to have to start reading for class in the morning. Thank you for that NYTimes article on procrastination. I guess I should get back to work……….or I could watch the Tina Fey video…decisions, decisions. 🙂

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