Virtual Beach Trip ~ Resort Wear 2014


It is freeeeeeeeeezing outside.  Just take a look at this windchill forecast for tomorrow:

Wind Chill Index

image via

Minus 8…..whhhhhhhhhhat? I thought we lived in the south.  I can’t even believe that I used to live in New York.  How did I handle it??

To escape this craziness, today, we are taking a virtual beach trip.  Who is with me??


How about Capri, Italy?  oh yeah….now we’re talkin…

Since its 90 degrees at our virtual beach (hey, I like it hot, ok?), we might need a swimsuit and also some pretty coverups.  And we are just in luck because resort wear is in full swing in the fashion world.

Let’s start with the swimsuits:

Black and White is here to stay apparently ~ PilyQ Bikini Top and Bottom ~ $72 each


image via

Mara Hoffman – $90 each for top and bottom

Mara Hoffman Bikini

image via

This is very cool if you’d prefer a one piece ~ Trina Turk Pop Wave Bandeau ~ $138


image via

Not much coverage with this one but the colors are awesome ~ Mink Pink Fire Dance Bikini ~ $50 each for top and bottom

Mink Pink Fire Dance Bikini

image via

Sexy one piece that won’t give you too wierd of a tan ~ PilyQ Midnight One Piece ~ $140


image via

Now, we need a coverup for when we go have our leisurely lunch by the pool with an umbrella drink:

Clover Canyon Cuban Cigars Swim Cover Up ~ $237.60 (the name of this is fun)


image via

Black and white again, but this time in tie dye ~ Vix Oba Cover Up Caftan ~ $164.00

Vix Oba Cover Up Caftan

image via

Mara Hoffman ~ can do no wrong in my book ~ Modal Cover Up ~ $276.00


image via

Mara Hoffman Cover Up Mini Dress ~ This can double as a dress for nighttime ~ $220.00

Mara Hoffman Cover Up Mini Dress

image via

Sometimes just a basic white shirt is understated and so chic ~ Ralph Lauren ~ $79.00


image via

And I don’t know about you, but I’m going to need a hat:

J.Crew textured summer straw hat ~ $34.50

jcrew summer straw hat

image via

Helen Kaminski Kuya Sun Hat ~ $175.00

Helen Kaminski Sun Hat

image via

Eugenia Kim Wide-Brimmed Toyo Sunny Hat ~ no sun rays are gettin me under this big one ~ $395

Eugenia Kim Sunny Hatimage via

Alright, I think we’re ready.   Meet me at the pool in 5? 🙂

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