Seven Lamps Anniversary Dinner + Leah’s Link Loves

On Sunday night, we attended a special event celebrating Seven Lamps’ one year anniversary, which is a restaurant in the Shops Around Lenox in Buckhead.  The event featured plates from Atlanta’s most reputable chefs as well as drinks crafted by top notch Atlanta based mixologists.   As my husband put it, this was kind of like the equivalent of my Superbowl (the other primary contender being Oscar night).  I loved having the opportunity to see what is on the cutting edge of the culinary world.  Here are some photographic highlights from the evening:

Seven Lamps' Anniversary Dinner

a total Top Chef moment ~ lining up the first course

Seven Lamps anniversary dinner
first course up close ~ kampachi crudo with yuzu, winter citrus radish, dried olive, chili, herbs, goddess

Seven Lamps Anniversary Dinner

a spooky cocktail

Seven Lamps Anniversary Dinner

Kevin Rathbun preparing his dish


scallops with parsnips, black truffle, mache

Seven Lamps Anniversary Dinner

another course, ready to go

Seven Lamps Anniversary Dinner

close up ~ smoked trout terrine, with lemon creme fraiche, dressed roe

Seven Lamps Annivesary Dinner

duck breast and pastrami croustillade of grassroots duck with sour grape mustard, apple, greens

Seven Lamps Anniversary Dinner

black pepper spaghetti with bacon, egg, truffle and pecorino

Seven Lamps Anniversary Dinner

can’t forget dessert ~ caramelia cremuex, souffle of chocolate, duck fat peanuts, cocoa nib syrup, cereal milk ice cream

And… are some links I’ve been loving this week:

Our wedding is featured in the new edition of Modern Luxury Brides Magazine.  Scroll to pages 104-105 to check it out.

These little debbie-style cakes are really cool.

We would likely all sleep better without TVs in our bedrooms, but I’m not sure I could part with mine.

Likely experimenting with these lamb meatballs this weekend.

Israeli vegans were able to convince Domino’s to offer vegan pizza in Israel.

James Beard Foundation’s favorite drinks and eats from 2013.

Restaurants are trying to go gluten-free but its tough.

Cinnamon-roll cookies might have be made sometime soon.

Some people are so talented – it blows me away.  Check out this triple chocolate smores bark.

This spinach, feta and artichoke dip could be a nice update on the classic artichoke dip we all know and love.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

3 thoughts on “Seven Lamps Anniversary Dinner + Leah’s Link Loves

  1. The Seven Lamps event looks like a blast! What beautiful presentations. For the link loves–that triple chocolate smores bark looks quite dangerous….no doubt it’s worth the weight watchers points 🙂

  2. Your wedding in the magazine…that’s awesome. You, of course, look so gorgeous! It’s a great photo of you & Richard! xoxo

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