Help….I Lost My Sunnies


So, I lost my sunglasses. I’m not quite sure how I did it, but they are gone. And I am sad.  How is it that they can come with me all through the past few years of schlepping back and forth between Atlanta and Charleston, our honeymoon, etc. etc. and I managed to lose them likely going to get gas or to the grocery store?  Anyway, I digress…

Now I’m on the hunt for a new pair.  Truth be told, I would be very happy to just order the same pair again.  But I guess I might as well update myself.  Sunglasses can be tough.  The “oversize” look that has been in for a few years just doesn’t look right on me.  And because I need to wear a hat at the beach, I like a pair that will fit comfortably under my big ole’ floppy hat.  Tortoise shell also tends to do better than black…just sayin’.

Here are a few fun ones I have been eyeing (no pun intended):

Warby Parker Aldous Sunglasses ~

Warby Parker Aldousimage via

Burberry Sunnies ~

Burberry Sunglassesimage via

Lanvin Sunnies ~

Lanvin sunniesimage via

Tory Burch Thin Oval Sunglasses ~

Tory Burch Thin Oval

image via

Oliver Peoples Banks Half Rim Sunglasses ~

Oliver Peoples Half Rim Sunglasses image via

Alexander Wang Oval Sunglasses ~

Alexander Wangimage via

Retrosun Vintage Mission Sunglasses ~

Retrosun Vintage Missionimage via

Valentino Pearly Lace Frame Sunglasses ~

Valentino Sunglassesimage via

Have any cool ideas?  Send them my way!!

**I just wanted to drop a footnote here to say that I want to distinguish between “need” and “want”.  Its that time of year when we should be thankful for everything that we have ~ primarily our health, our safety and our families and I want to acknowledge that.  I could definitely get by with some old pair that I have somewhere and it is not something that I “need”.  Just felt that I should put that out there.**

That being said, I hope you are enjoying these fashion posts as much as I am.  Its all in good fun 🙂

6 thoughts on “Help….I Lost My Sunnies

  1. Ugh sucks about your glasses Leah. I know the feeling. You’ve got a lot of great options here! I’m not usually one to go for burberry but I think those are quite good looking. I’m definitely more into the darker shades. Love that whole incognito look.

  2. Leah I feel your pain 😦 I lost my Tory Burch sunglasses recently. I had them for years…so sad. I haven’t started shopping yet because I am still in denial and hoping they will re-appear. I like the Alexander Wangs you picked out…

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