Leah’s Link Loves ~ Thanksgiving Week Edition

Cutting Up Veggiesprepping veggies for a recipe I’ll be sharing next week

Mushrooms and Onionsmushrooms and onions….a favorite combo

pie crusthomemade pie crust for the holiday

Happy Hannukah and Happy Thanksgiving to all!   Here are some links to enjoy over your hopefully long holiday weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday!

Very cool copper menorah.

Cup of Jo shared this link to a documentary about the New York City Ballet. The episodes are only 6 minutes long and it is narrated by Sarah Jessica Parker.  I’m totally hooked already and I’ve only watched one episode!

Need some ideas for leftovers but want something healthy?  This turkey noodle soup and this detox turkey soup sound like the perfect thing to jolt you out of that post thanksgiving haze.

Some book ideas. . . .for those who will be traveling and could end up with some extra time on your hands.

Miso-glazed seabass is on my list to try.

Love the chalkboard refrigerator idea in this kitchen.

These thanksgiving desserts are just so pretty to look at.

Pumpkin crackle bowls ~ very cool.

Thanksgiving Mad-Libs ~ best idea ever!

Exercising daily will help you stay healthy during this holiday season.

Morrocan tea glasses ~ super fun.

Rosemary maple corn muffins ~ yum!  Could be a great bread alternative for your Thanksgiving table.

Apparently fashion logos are back in style.

And . . . . I’m super pumped that I got a big shout-out for my honey cranberry challah this week!

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