Leah’s Link Loves

Downtown Roswell

downtown Roswell, Georgia

Chattahoochee River

three ducks on the Chattahoochie River

Giada's New Book

weekend projects ~ Giada’s new book

Gobble Tov! Look out for Thanksgiving-themed driedels.

In light of the FDA’s announcement that a ban on trans fats is likely, seven foods containing trans fats that will be impacted.

For any of you who are making rehearsal dinner speeches in the near future…how to give really good toasts.

This sweet potato cinnamon swirl bread looks delicious.

One of my favorites, Mara Hoffman, is designing wedding dresses now

Papa John’s is now delivering giant chocolate chip cookies. This would not have been good for my health in college.

When you leave a party, do you say goodbye to the host or do you slip out? An interesting question posed by Cup of Jo.

Chocolate + Pumpkin Pie = Yum!

Need an easy weekend getaway?  Here are America’s favorite towns according to Travel and Leisure Magazine.

Very interested to try this slow cooker poached salmon and this glazed miso cod.

Eyeing these slippers to keep my feet cozy this winter.

What are you loving this week?  Hope you have a great weekend!

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