Fall Shoe Trends ~ Love It or Hate It?


from left to right:  images via 1, 2 and 3.

Every fall, my favorite magazines show beautiful collages of different looks that will be the new “it” style for that season.  Sometimes, I can’t help but laugh and think to myself – where would I wear that?  But…thankfully we live in a world where there are a lot of different kinds of people with different tastes, likes and dislikes.  There is likely someone out there who will like all of these things.  And so, I’m curious….what do you think of these three fall trends?  Would you wear any of them?  No judgment here…everyone is free to rock their own style…that’s what makes you, you.

Wedge Sneakers

If you are going to wear sneakers, you are usually going for comfort.  If you are going to dress up, you’ll put on a pair of real heels.  So, what’s really the need for the wedge sneaker?  Yet, even the widely respected style maven SJP has bought into this look.

Here’s a few different price points.

Isabel Marant Sneaker ~ $640

image via net-a-porter.com

Guiseppe Zanotti Sneaker ~ $695

Giuseppe Zanotti wedge sneaker

image via neimanmarcus.com

Splendid Harringbone Sneaker ~ $148


image via neimanmarcus.com

Koolaburra ~ $185


image via koolaburra.com


They’re back!  When we were on our honeymoon in Italy, it seemed like everywhere we turned, people had on converse!

Basic Converse Originals ~ $44.95

Converse Sneakers

image via nordstrom.com

An updated version of the original ~ $74.95

Updated converse

image via nordstrom.com

You might even fancy a Gucci version ~ $530

Gucci lace up sneaker

image via net-a-porter.com

Or some sparkles via Miu Miu ~ $550

Miu Miu sneaker

image via net-a-porter.com


Out of the three trends, this is something that I can get excited about.  Cool, yet comfortable.

Givenchy Lace Slip-On Sneaker ~ $650

Givenchy Lace Slip-On

image via bergdorfgoodman.com

With just a little hint of leopard, these are super fun.

Saint Laurent ~ $395

Saint Laurent Slip On

image via neimanmarcus.com

Vince Slip-On Sneaker ~ $195

Vince slip on

image via neimanmarcus.com

What do y’all think of these trends?  Do you love em or hate em?

2 thoughts on “Fall Shoe Trends ~ Love It or Hate It?

  1. Hmmmm well I’d have to agree with the slip on statement. Delightfully comfortable. I own a couple pairs myself. Other than that, I would love to own a pair of rockin high top sneakers, specifically the Koolaburra. Those would look awesome with one of those motorcycle jackets.

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