Atlanta Botanical Garden

An oasis in the midst of urban Atlanta is the Atlanta Botanical Garden. I took advantage of the beautiful weather one day last week to check out what the garden had in store for fall. I found gorgeous yellows, oranges, deep reds and other seasonal hues, in addition to the amazing indoor orchid garden.

In addition, through the end of October 31, there is an exhibit entitled “Imaginary Worlds: Plants Larger Than Life”, which includes 19 sculptures comprised of plants and flowers with a fantasy theme. So, no you are not hallucinating when you see giant animals made of leaves in some of these pictures.

If you are coming to Atlanta from out of town, I highly recommend taking a visit to the garden. Whether you are looking for a special date night or something to do with the kids, it is a really nice way to spend a gorgeous southern summer afternoon. For hours and information, visit their website here.

Festive Halloween Decor at the Entrance

Atlanta Botanical Gardens - Entrance

A Butterfly From the Imaginative Gardens Exhibit


An Ogre – Scary!


The Gorgeous Chihuly Fountain

Atlanta Botanical GardensIMG_1053

Blooming Red Roses in the Rose Garden


An Oasis In the Midst of the City


Butterflies and Other Pretty Things


Bunnies In the Garden


As a Tea Drinker, I was surprised to find this out!


Pomegranates in the Edible Garden


Into the Orchid Garden…


Use Your Imagination


A Nice Place to Sit 


A Place to Reflect


All images by me

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