New York City ~ Union Square Greenmarket

Heirloom Tomatoes 2

After last weekend’s stunning display of produce at the Charleston Farmers Market, the bar was set pretty high. The Union Square Greenmarket in New York City has a different feel, however. It may even be fair to say that it is a bit intimidating ~ as in, I am seeing things and I have no idea what they are. It is known to be where the most reputable chefs in Manhattan shop to get inspiration for seasonal menus.

The sensational colors and magnificent produce blew me away.  The depth and variety gives great meaning to seasonal, fresh ingredients.  If things are fresh, you really don’t need much other than perhaps a dash of salt, pepper and drizzle of olive oil to make the ingredients sing.

some of the most vibrant heirloom tomatoes I have ever seen…

Heirloom TomatoesIMG_1040

ever heard of cranberry beans?


I have seen purple cauliflower but never this splendid orange….

orange cauliflower

brussels sprouts on their stalk

brussel sprouts

beautiful red radishes

radishes 1red radishes 2

winter squash


purple carrots, rainbow carrots

rainbow carrots

need some potatoes?


i was tempted to take one of these back in my suitcase….

IMG_1036 IMG_1037

flowers anyone?



big pies, baby pies


If you are visiting New York City in the near future and want to stop by the Union Square Greenmarket, here is more information about the hours and vendors.

Now that I’ve seen what Charleston and New York have to offer, I’m on the hunt to find the best local farmer’s market here in the ATL.  Any suggestions?

I will likely be scoping out the Peachtree Road Farmers Market, the Piedmont Green Market, and the Dunwoody Green Market to start. Send any ideas my way!

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