Leah’s Link Loves

GA sunriseBeautiful Georgia Sunrise

Hope you are having a great weekend. Here are some things that caught my eye this week.

This veil took my breathe away.

Torn between your Hannukah and Thanksgiving favorites? You don’t have to choose. A guide, in case you plan on celebrating Thanksgiving and Hannukah at the same meal.

No carving required.

I can’t believe that this girl still looks this good.  You’ve got to give her credit for sticking with it.

With Marc Jacobs leaving Louis Vuitton, the future of the brand is up in the air.

What is it with women and their ginormous glasses of wine white?  Too funny.

Maybe a good early purchase for a New Years party?

Soups and stews are on the horizon with the colder weather coming. Pumpkin Turkey Chili sounds interesting and an opportunity to take a break from pumpkin sweets.

What a great idea for a delicious appetizer, and gorgeous pictures to boot.

Last week’s link loves, in case you missed it.

One thought on “Leah’s Link Loves

  1. I am loving the Link Loves! I especially love when you post other blog posts. Helps me diversify my daily obsessions. Keep em’ coming!

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