Pumpkin Bread

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There is no denying that it is pumpkin time.  When I went to the store to buy the ingredients for this recipe, they were out of canned pumpkin!  Obviously, others too have pumpkin on the brain.  Pumpkin recipe amalgamations abound on pinterest. We have the whole month of October yet to come, so we don’t want to max out quite yet. But this pumpkin bread is a not-so-overwhelmingly-sweet way to ease your way into the pumpkin craze.

Oh BTW, grab a pumpkin carving kit if you see one and plan to carve a pumpkin!  Last year, we waited until the last minute and the store ran out.

Pumpkin Bread

I used this recipe and the result was a super moist and delectable bread that has a cake-like texture.  The blend of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves gives it a ton of flavor without being too sweet. 

Pumpkin Bread 2IMG_0996

some notes ~

1.  I did not use ginger as the recipe calls for, but I still think the bread has a ton of flavor.

2.  The recipe calls for 3 7×3 inch loaf pans.  I only had one loaf pan, so I also used an 8×8 square pan.  Both turned out great, but I think the bread in the 8×8 pan baked more evenly.  I took the square pan out after 45 minutes and it was done.  The loaf pan I had to put in for a few extra minutes to bake through the middle.

3.  As per the comments to the recipe, I am eager to try it again, but with chocolate chips or raisins.  Also, this would be a great, easy-to-make housewarming or holiday gift.

Served with a dollop of creme fraiche or whipped cream, it will make your house smell like fall.


Other delectable pumpkin recipes that I intend to try this fall season:

Brown Eyed Baker’s incredible collection, including the Pumpkin Bread recipe by which I found this recipe in the comments.

This chocolate swirl pumpkin bread recipe is also high on the list ~ looks amazing.

Pumpkin + chocolate chips + blondies = how could that not be yummy?

Soft Glazed Pumpkin Sugar Cookies via Lauren’s Latest ~ this looks like a child’s dream.

Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting via Savor Home ~ stunning photography and a simple, delicious recipe.

Are there any pumpkin recipes that you have your eye on?

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