Football Cheat Sheet Week 2 ~ Tom Brady’s comin to town

2012-brady-cover-photowell hello, Mr. Brady

To all my ladies out there who will be logging in some quality couch time this weekend, here are some fast facts that will put you in the know for college and NFL football.  In case you missed it, I introduced this series last week. Just chime in every once in a while with one of these facts and the dudes won’t know what hit ’em.  You might even out-scoop them!

College Football:

1. Biggest game of the week is LSU (#6) at UGA (#9).  Go Dawgs!  Isn’t Aaron Murray cute?  And apparently, he has over 97,000 followers on Twitter.
2. ESPN Game Day is in Athens, GA.
3. For the first time ever, ESPN Game Day will have not one, but two celebrity pickers (they weigh in on the predictions for the day).
4. The Big 10 game of the week is Ohio State (#4) vs. Wisconsin (#23). We will find out if Ohio State is any good.
5. Notre Dame (#22) will have its hands full at home against Oklahoma (#14).

NFL Football:

1. Yes there is a game tonight….there is always a Thursday night game (ugh does it have to start already??).  Tonight its San Francisco at St. Louis.
2. Big Game on Sunday night for our ATL Falcons – they take on the New England Patriots in Atlanta at 8:30 pm. Or as you may know it, the team that Gisele’s husband, Tom Brady, plays on.
3. 7 NFL teams are undefeated.
4. A rumor is floating around that Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones was hit on the head by a stripper named Sweet Pea with a bottle of the crazy-expensive champagne Ace of Spades.  Both Jones and Sweet Pea deny said rumor.

There you have it ~ check back here next Thursday for some fresh football facts.

Tom Brady image via New England Patriots Website.

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